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Plz read if your in a clan!

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Plz read if your in a clan!

Postby Valk » Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:42 pm

Hello and welcome to the new Savage Elite website! If your in a clan heres a few things ya might want to do first:

I will have to do these for now for you but in the coming weeks I will have it setup so your clan "Leader" can do all this for your members.

1) Request your own clan forums - Just PM me your clans name and the names of any members that have registered including one "Leader" which will be in charge of your forums. I'll start you off with a few basic forums then you can add more as you like or I can for you. Your clan members will be the only ones able to access your forums unless you would perhaps want one or 2 that outsiders can contact you on. As members join later just let me know and I will add them to your clan. You can then skip #2.

2) Get your clan together - PM me your clans name and its members that are registered. I will start a forum group with your clans name that can be used for many things later including the competitions. Just let me know when new members register after that. Later I will try and make it so the clan Leader can just add them.

3) Setup your clans forum "Rank" - PM me your clan symbol and I will add it to our Rank badges. Badges are the silver emblems as you see by my name. The clan symbol goes in the round part then the word Member, Leader, or Officer goes in the rectangle part to the right. These are seperate from your forum avatar of which you can use whatever ya like. After I photochop them I'll ask the Leader who gets what.

If you have any questions feel free to post here or PM me.


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